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Kristen Chamberlin runs a private practice in massage therapy, Somatic Therapy, and the Somatic Experiencing Method in Northampton, MA.

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Kristen employed our expertise when she embarked upon a major expansion of her private practice. She expanded her marketing efforts and business management. We helped her build her site from scratch, starting with nothing. We helped her choose a platform, plan and design her site, installed and built out the core framework of her site, and the trained and supported her completion and content creation and management, including video, audio, event management, media layout, and blog development.  We also worked hard, using our special blend of expertise and client-centered design decision-making, to keep her strike a balance between features and simplicity for easy ownership and management for the Kristen, so she could focus most of her work time on caring for her clients, instead of fighting with unnecessary complexities. For example, when she began selling gift certificates and a few products, we knew to avoid building a complex e-commerce shop with costs and management hassles would outweigh the benefits. Instead, we employed our broad and diverse experience in the fields of site technology to select and implement and integrate a thirrd party sales service into her website.

Kristen's site grew to offer a robust blog and video experiences, and obtain high search rankings, so successfully that it became a primary source of her income, and an indispensable and beloved business asset for her and her practice.

Project Details

Kristen Chamberlin's site was built with Drupal 7, using a simple but full featured configuration that included blogging, multi-media fields, and integration with other business web services. Her look and feel began with a simple, client-selected design, and evolved rapidly through easy site-owner adoption of Drupal to become a content rich site which engaged and acquired new and ongoing customers.

Hands of Patience is also hosted using our hosting infrastructure, and maintained and updated by our support services. Kristen has also relied on our support services other matters related to her website and SEO for her business.