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Patience Bousel runs a private practice in massage therapy, Clinical Somatic Education, and the Trager Method in Amherst, MA.

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Patience had no website experience, so we provided complete support and service from end-to-end, from domain name acquisition to website design consulting, to site construction, assistance with content creation, and content and photography layout. Patience needed a basic "brochure-style" site, that provided a small number of pages about her work (to keep things digestible and clear for new clients) and then "cut to the chase" and providing information on upcoming classes and obtaining private sessions.  She also sought a simple, no nonsense design for the site that eliminated distractions and reflected her clear style of care of her clients as well as her treatment techniques' calm, uncluttered approach.

Project Details

Hands of Patience is built with Drupal (version 7 and then upgraded to Drupal 8), providing an example of how a powerful site building technology can be used to great advantage by the most basic of sites and inexperienced users.  The user experience for her visitors is attractive, polished, and straightforward, but still benefits from the advanced tools available in Drupal; and the backend administration of a Drupal site is also clear and straightforward for even apprehensive site owners.

Hands of Patience is also hosted using our hosting infrastructure, and maintained and updated by our support services. Patience also relies on our support services for ongoing website, content, and technology needs for her business.