About Whole Solutions

Whole Solutions is a software development and computer consulting firm based in the Northeast United States. Our company has been consulting and designing software for the past three decades. We have worked with some of today's most critical technologies from their onset.

Our principals' clients have included the fashion industry, national athletic teams, newspapers, publishers, travel agencies, construction & remodeling firms, medical organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, retail stores, online store fronts.

We specialize in...

  • Drupal for unmatched power and flexibility for your websites, web services, web applications, and content management
  • FileMaker Pro database platform for limitless options for data management and office applications

Additionally, we employ and support a wide variety of tools and options. Our employees have worked for some of the world's largest FileMaker developers.

The solutions we provide for you are extremely powerful, but at the same time exceptionally eloquent and simple to use. We are famous for interfaces that easy and intuitive. You will spend less time scratching your head in confusion, and more time producing and achieving your goals.